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The Last Mammoth – A fascinating journey to the Ice Age

For the first time in Israel – a fascinating international exhibition that will take you on a journey through the Ice Age – from the time of the Mammoths and the Cave Bear to global warming!

As part of the exhibition, a frozen mammoth was brought to Israel, which was discovered in its entirety in Siberia: “Dima” – the cutest mammoth calf in the world!

Throughout the exhibition, there are huge robotic models of Ice Age animals from all over the world – the Saber-Toothed Tiger, Giant Ground Sloth – 6-meters of lazy! The massive Cave Bear, the Irish Elk whose antlers were 3 meters across, the Giant Armored Armadillo, and more.

You are invited to view the huge murals of the Ice Age animals as discovered in caves in Europe, to operate the interactive tables installations, to see original artifacts from the Ice Age, to touch, to feel, to operate, and to dig.


What else can you expect to see in the expedition?

“Touch the Ice” – A unique activity area for the entire family! There is a huge ice wall where you can play with ice, watch fascinating videos of huge icebergs breaking, playing with ice at interactive stations, and more.

A mammoth fossil discovery and excavating experience – for every visitor.

The paleontological excavation complex is located in the outer area of the museum, next to the Science Games Garden.

A unique excavation experience for all ages, to discover the bones of a historical mammoth calf.

“The World is Heating Up”

The role of humanity on global climate change.  Global warming is one aspect of climate change. Come and understand what can be done to help reverse the process of global warming? Play interactive games and understand what carbon footprint, and more.

An incredible children’s complex in the beautiful Turkish building

A colorful complex specially designed for children of all ages.

In the complex, you will find a variety of fascinating activity rooms

The World of EtyaTech

A unique exhibition for toddlers and young children. Fully adapted to the young audience, rich in sensory, movement, and scientific stimuli. The experience enriches both parents and children.

Puzzle Room

A special room for children of all ages where they can build giant puzzles featuring different animals from the Ice Age.


Mazes and Glaciers

The animals need your help! Trapped in mazes and among glaciers and waiting for you to move them into a safe place. A unique activity table that combines fun with learning.

Creative Arts Room

A multi-purpose room used for creative workshops, birthdays and activities for children.

A variety of creative workshops will be waiting for you throughout the exhibition – Ice Age animal coloring pages, creating colors from natural materials, drawing on stones, and more.

During holidays and vacations, additional special activities will be held for children.

Visitors to the Carasso Science Park will also enjoy the “Last Mammoth” exhibition and twelve interactive game areas, including the Communication exhibition, the Code of Life, Protecting our Crops, and more.

A large science games garden, a “scientific amusement park” with hundreds of different and cool exhibits, a scientific fountain where you control the height of the water, a 3D printing lab, the largest “FabLab” in Israel, and more.

Entrance to the rest of the museum’s exhibitions is free of charge and is included in the entrance ticket to the “Last Mammoth.”

For the benefit of visitors, there is a fast food snack bar and picnic area for the whole family!

The Carasso Science Park in Be’er Sheva is a leading interactive science museum that inspires each visitor’s “Hidden Scientist,” through play and experimentation!

You’ll be amazed and have a great time in the “Last Mammoth” exhibition at the Carasso Science Park in Be’er Sheva!

The “Last Mammoth” exhibition offers a unique experience from another era, for the whole family!

Come and take part in the biggest event of 2018!




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