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Birthday’s at the Museum

Birthday’s happen once a year!

Sign up today and enjoy a special party with family and friends.

An unforgettable and fascinating scientific experience that includes ten interactive game complexes, a large science games garden with a variety of installations, and cool birthday experiments in the laboratory.

You can also celebrate your birthday in the Ice Age, which includes a visit to the Last Mammoth exhibition, laboratory activity for making ice cream simply by shaking, and, in addition to all this fun, a specially decorated room just for your birthday celebration, all accompanied by a professional and skilled team of guides.

*You can also watch 3D movies screened in the auditorium, design and fabricate with 3D printers and take home a special scientific gift for all.

How much does it cost? It depends the kind of birthday party you want.

Up to 30 Guests Up to 25 Guests Up to 20 Guests  
₪1,300 ₪1,100 ₪1,000 Scientific birthday party
₪1,400 ₪1,200 ₪1,100 Ice Age Birthday Party


*In the event that more than 30 guests arrive there will be an additional charge of ₪35 per guest.

* Activity is for a fee