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Interactive Exhibitions

The Nucleus of Science

The only exhibition in Israel in cooperation with the Nuclear Research Center and the International Atomic Energy Agency, which simulates a real nuclear reactor and exposes the secrets of the atom.

The word “atom” rises in the State of Israel under various connotations. To some, the word speaks to physics, to others it speaks to the national security situation, and others, it speaks to advanced methods of diagnosis and medicine.

We invite you to this one-of-a-kind exhibition where you can get to know the secrets of the atom, its advantages and the enormous damage it can cause.


Topics of the exhibition:

What is an atom? – Basic understanding of the properties and structure of the atom – Caution, radiation! – What types of radiation exist? What substances from daily life emit radiation? How can we protect ourselves against radiation, or use it for the benefit of humanity?

Nuclear fission – an augmented reality tour of a nuclear reactor for energy production.

Small-scale radiation – firing atomic particles and producing energy in a controlled response.

Touching materials – With a special Geiger meter, you measure the amount of radiation emitted from different materials.

Medical examination – introduction to medical applications from nuclear science: X-rays, bone mapping and radiation.

Our recommendation

Age: Graduates and retirees, 14 and above includes graduates
Visit Time: hour, two hours, three hour

The park has the ability to adapt any exhibition to different age groups – grown children and retirees