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Interactive Exhibitions

The Code of Life

The human body is considered the most sophisticated "machine" ever created. Join us on a fascinating journey deep into the human body - where you can discover for yourself how the body works.

Human DNA is the substance that forms the source and basis of any attribute, internal or external, that exists within us as human beings. The minimal changes in our DNA are the reason why we are all alike, but also very different.

Why do you look like your parents? How did one single cell form a single individual? And what is “genetic engineering”? – These are all questions that you can find answers to in the exhibition where the main attraction is you and your body!

What will you find there?

Mr. Potato – Let’s change the genetic code of Mr. Potato and see how his external properties vary according to changes in DNA.

Genetic Engineering Laboratory – Enter the laboratory and create new plants and medicines that will benefit people all over the world.

Genetics Trivia – a puzzle game about heredity.

Genetic comparison – how much do we resemble a fly, a mouse, or a dog?

There are additional exhibits, games, and other surprises…

Our recommendation

Age: 10-14 years, 14 and above includes graduates
Visit Time: hour, two hours, three hour

The park has the ability to adapt any exhibition to different age groups – grown children and retirees