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Interactive Exhibitions

Light, Voice, and Hearing

This exhibition will give you a deeper understanding of yourself. Learn about the amazing capabilities of the human ear, and perhaps you will find that you have superpowers!

The ability of the body to produce, absorb, and process sounds, such as music or language, is considered to be one of the qualities that have placed humans at the forefront of intellectual and developmental superiority over all forms of life on earth.

We invite you to experience the installations that will challenge your senses.

We invite you to challenge your senses in a variety of interactive exhibits:

Play the table saw – producing sounds from unconventional instruments.

Everyone and their voice – different instruments produce different sounds, just like each person have their own voice.

Hearing and listening – how the human ear functions.

The voice and the surrounding – measuring different sounds and use.

Our recommendation

Age: 4-6 years
Visit Time: hour, two hours, three hour

The park has the ability to adapt any exhibition to different age groups – grown children and retirees