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In the heart of the old city of Be’er Sheva is the largest science museum in Israel. It is an interactive museum and includes a science games garden with huge installations at the international standard.

The Museum offers ten interactive exhibits on various scientific subjects such as genetics, communication, microelectronics, nuclear energy, and more.

The Museum offers activities based on interactivity between the visitor and the exhibits.

Each exhibit is designed as a thought-provoking game with a short explanation to enable children to experientially acquire knowledge.

In addition to exhibits, the park has fully-equipped laboratories that enable scientific demonstrations and experiments.

The Museum includes a science games garden, an interactive fountain, and gallery exhibitions; among them are the ‘Jewish/Israeli Nobel Prize Winners,’ ‘Scientists on Banknotes’ and an exhibit on the history of the Turkish building, also on-site.

The Museum exhibits temporary art and science exhibitions. The complex covers 4.5 acres and has buildings from three periods – Ottoman, Mandatory and an all-new underground structure that integrates into the landscape and creates architectural harmony.

Opening Hours

The museum opening hours:
Tuesday - 10:00-19:00
Mon., Wed., Thu., Sat. -

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Communication exhibition

Chip's world exhibition

The Life Code Exhibition

Avenue of Nobel Laureates

Exhibition of Mechanics and Mechanisms

Plant Protection Exhibition

The Nuclear Science Exhibition

Garden Science Games

Atheya Tech Exhibition

Energy Exhibition

Light and sound exhibition

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