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Welcome to the Carasso Science Park

The establishment of the Carasso Science Park arose from a national need to position the State of Israel as one of the world’s leading and advanced countries in the areas of science and technology.  In 1997, the Rashi Foundation took it upon itself to accept this challenge with the initiation of the Madarom (science in Israel’s southern periphery) Program, which was part of a strategic project established in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. In light of the success of the Program as well as the affirmation of its main goal, the idea to establish a science and technology center to house Israel’s inventions, discoveries, scientific and technological narratives and developments was developed.

This is the story of the birth of the Carasso Science Park that constitutes a central pillar in the Rashi Foundation’s goal of promoting science and technology education and accessibility to high-quality higher education among children, youth and young adults in Israel’s southern periphery with the overall aim of development of Israeli society.

Partners in establishing the Museum: Municipality of Beer-Sheba, the Rashi Foundation, the Carasso Family, Israel’s State Lottery, the Ministry of Education, Beit Yatziv.

Carasso Science Park – The Vision

Establishing an inspiring and innovative science and technology center to house the inventions, discoveries, developments and achievements of Israel’s leading scientists and researchers. The Center will constitute an educational, experiential and challenging science museum that will engage interest, stimulate the acquisition of knowledge, skills and expertise in the areas of science and technology as well as promote accessibility to these areas to the entire Israeli society, regardless of age, ethnic origin and gender.

From Vision to Reality

The initiators of establishing the science museum – the Rashi Foundation, Municipality of Beer-Sheba and the Ministry of Education, were joined by Israel’s State Lottery and the Carasso Family and in 2013, the vision became reality. The opening of the science museum that offers more than 4.25 acres of fascinating science and technology exhibits and interactive features, places the State of Israel together with international leading science centers and museums.

The Carasso Science Center is situated on the City’s Museum Boulevard, its impressive architecture blending in harmoniously with both the view of the old city of Beer Sheba and the city municipality’s vision and plan to turn it into a social, tourist, cultural, recreation and leisure center. The Museum’s design concept is based on merging the past and the present with structures from Turkish, British Mandate and present eras. The Museum’s green expanses and walkways lead to several structures connected with internal passageways. Most of the construction was done below ground with the aim of creating a sense of a town square and that will highlight the Museum’s main focal point – a beautiful structure from the Turkish era that was reconstructed and restored to serve as the main exhibition area. The Museum stretches over more than 4.5 acres, including some 5,000 square meters of display spaces and 3,500 of indoor exhibition halls, with some 11 scientific exhibitions of exciting scientific exhibits.

Engaging STEM

The experiential learning facilitated via games and various hands-on interactive activities of experiment-consideration-discovery is known to spark interest, ignite the imagination, excite, intrigue, challenge and stimulate. It is designed to make science and technology more accessible and closer to the hearts and minds of children and youth, with the aim of increasing the chance they might choose to learn and further delve into these areas.

The experiential learning in the Museum is based on the interaction between the visitors and the exhibits. As a result, the visitor transitions from a passive viewer into an active and integral part of what is happening around him. Every exhibit is planned and designed as a thought provoking and stimulating “game”. Furthermore, to intensify the experience as well as to complement the activity in the exhibition halls with new and fascinating activities, school students perform laboratory experiments and participate in research activities.

From the Beginning to the Present

From the establishment of the Carasso Science Park up to the present day, it constantly renews itself with various exhibits, facilities, ideas and exhibitions that bring its visitors to the front of science and technology in an array of knowledge areas and disciplines that act as a means to make science more accessible in a unique and experiential way.

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