Outdoor Exhibitions

Science Games Garden

A vast and colorful outdoor exhibition featuring huge installations with lasers, music, and an array of challenges.

A unique exhibition in the museum’s outer space, which consists of huge installations and games, which enable the public to examine scientific and technological issues through an experiential and enjoyable experience. There are 12 installations relating to various scientific use-cases including mechanics, sound, energy, etc., which are placed under large shades and in special structures.

– Electric conduction: An installation in which you use your body as an electrical conductor and close an electric circuit with the help of the whole family.

– Light Battle: Shooting (harmless) lasers with electromagnetic radiation, who will win?

– Solar Energy: Let’s transform solar energy into electrical energy.

Our recommendation

Age: 10-14 years, 14 and above includes graduates, 4-6 years, 7-9 years, Graduates and retirees
Visit Time:hour, two hours, three hour

The park has the ability to adapt any exhibition to different age groups – grown children and retirees