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Pressure Differences(Physics)



Understanding the concept of pressure.


we encounter and use pressure every day in different forms; computer chairs, car pistons, breathing, hearing and many more examples. When the pressure goes down in one part of a system, that area is called a depression.

Experimental method:

  • Place flat candle on flat plate.
  • Pour thin layer of dyed water around candle (not on candle)
  • Light the candle.
  • Place upturned glass over candle.
  • Once candle is extinguished, water will rise in glass

List of equipment:

  • Flat plate.
  • Water
  • Food dye.
  • Flat candle.
  • Transparent glass.

Theoretical background:

Pressure is the distribution of force across a unit of area. Pressure can also applied by the amount of matter in a set volume of space – the more matter

we insert into the set space, the more force is applied to the lining, and thus the pressure grows.

Depression occurs when the pressure in a system is below atmospheric pressure. When we turn the cup over the candle and seal it, the air inside is

hot and therefore has expanded. When the candle goes out, the temperature goes down and the air contracts again.

Since the system is sealed, air cannot enter. Instead, the water from the plate is sucked up into the cup to

compensate for the lack of volume.

Another factor in the change in pressure is the burning of oxygen and production of CO2. This reduces the amount of gas in the container and

causes drop in pressure as well.

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