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Color (Vision)




Understanding that colors are part of the visible light spectrum


Visible light is the fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum that the human eye can perceive and translate into images

These wavelengths are in the range of 390-750nm. After coloring the disc and spinning it fast enough, our eyes cannotprocess

the colors fast enough and our brain therefore processes the color as an average of white

:Experimental method

:Newton’s disc

  • Cut paper into discs.
  • Divide disc into 6 or 12 equal parts.
  • Color each part in a different color by order: purple>blue>green>yellow >orange>red. Make sure the color is pale.
  • Insert toothpick into center and stabilize with plasticine.

:Color assembly

  • Cover each flashlight with one color of cellophane plastic.
  • Shine light on white wall or paper. See color of each light.
  • Shine different color lights in the same place simultaneously. See the colors that are created

List of equipment:

  • White paper circles
        • Colored pencils or crayons.
        • Toothpicks
        • Plasticine
        • Scissors
        • Ruler
        • Pure color cellophane plastic: red, blue and green.
        • Three white flashlights.
        • Rubberbands

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